Patna STD Code 0612

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STD Calling code of Patna,Patna is : 0612

STD(Subscriber Trunk Dialling) codes or landline Area calling code are assigned to each city/town/village here it is 0612 , with the larger Metro cities having shorter area codes (STD code), the shortest being 2 digits, Tier-2 Cities have STD codes with 3 digits & for remote places being 4 digits.

No prefix is required to call from one landline to another in the same STD area Delhi, New delhi. A prefix of “0+STD code” is required to dial from Delhi, New delhi landline phone to another Place. A prefix of “0+STD code” is required to dial from a mobile phone to landline any where in India

Bihar State – short code BR has Population of (according to 2011 Census) 103,804,637. IT covers area of 99,200 Km2, cosisting 37 Districts,45,098 Villages, 130 Towns. The capital of Bihar is Patna. People of Bihar commonly speak Hindi,Bhojpuri,Maithili,Magadhi.

STD area map of Patna, Bihar